Secure payment

For us the security is very important. Hence, we have added the secure certification (SSL), for you to have the better security on buying in our online shop

How is this working?

Without SSL certification the information is travelling from your PC to our web totally unprotected.

This is not relevant when the information is not important, but in this case, in which your bank data are travelling, you need to be strongly protected.

Because of this, our website uses the SSL certification, to protect your data.

How can you check this by your own?

See that, when you confirm your purchase the web url, at the top of the screen is now  "https://". That s means "securty", so this means that our shop is using a secure protocol.

Is there any other extra security?

Of course, we not only use SSL certification, but also you can buy using your credit card, you can do a bank transfer and also you can use your PayPal account. All of those payment methods are also secure.